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The content here contains a few sentences resolving in depressing/triggering subjects such as different forms of abuse, abandonment. I suggest that you do not read if you are easily triggered by those subjects. When continuing, do keep in mind that I am not responsible for any possible thoughts afterwards for I have warned every viewer of this page in this very box and border.
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(Keep in mind that this is an AU I hold with Sketch none of this is canon.)

Basic Information[]

Full Name: April Kayla Cox

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Date of birth: January 21st

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Style: Depends on her mood

Height: 5"10

Weight: 146lbs

Hair color: Dark red, almost maroon.

Eye color: Grey with light brown streaks


April Cox is the boss at Fazbear Frights. She owns and runs the building. Her significant other Simon works as her first security guard. Her younger brother, Darren Cox works as her assistant manager.


April was born into a rather abusive life. She wasn't even supposed to be born. But her mother cared about her anyway. Her father didn't. April's mother just stayed with him for the first five years of April's life. After her little brother Darren was born, April's mother left, attempting to go get the police or someone so she could get her children away from the father, but the mother never came back. So April was left to protect her 4 week old brother from their father. April worked on raising Darren, later naming him when he was a year old.

One day, when April was 9, her father sexually abused her, and started doing that on a daily basis, then he'd turn around and physically abuse Darren. April started creating diversions to get the dad out of the house for a few hours while she tried to fix up Darren's wounds, but she could never fix all of them.

Finally, when April turned 17, she ran away, but failed to take Darren with her. It was then that she started to pursue her dream of making the horror attraction.


April is currently dating Simon and is rather happy with him, but rifts in the relationship is caused because April focuses too much on work and tends to ignore him. But she works on trying to focus on him when he wants the attention.


  • April can't give birth properly. She was impregnated by her father, but the baby never made it. April is too scared to risk getting pregnant again.
  • April spent three years working on trying to get her little brother back, but never could. She was relieved when Goldie and Cher brought her brother back to her.
  • April tends to be a bit protective of her younger brother, so she tends to get upset if she finds out he engaged in romantic activities with Spring and gets enraged if she finds out the two engaged in sexual activities.