Ben (Or BenDrowned) is a Cyberghost (A cyberghost is a ghost that can go inside devices)

Backstory Edit

A cyberghost that possessed an innocent cartridge was a little boy, until he drowned at lake and possessed the the game called The Legend of Zelda. After an innocent victim called Alex Hall bought the cartridge, his life turned upside down as he is being stalked by Ben, his worst nightmare.

Consqences Edit

  • When Alex Hall put a cartridge in his Nintendo 64, a normal game started. After some time of playing that game, he noticed that his game, is not an usual one. In fact, there were different audio logs, textures and of course, consequences. Alex couldn't sleep as the same eerie song, called 'The Song of Unhealing', stalked through his dreams, pushing him off a cliff of insanity.
  • Then, when he got a capture card, he screencapped what happened, and put it in his laptop, therefore transferring Ben to the laptop and opening Cleverbot.

Likes Edit

  • Link

Dislikes Edit

  • Anyone Flirting with him
  • Being Hit By Water
  • Being hurt

Realationship Edit

Taken By Link.

Appearance Edit


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