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Quickxilver Quickxilver 27 June 2016


Hey guys. Well, it's summer, and you'd think that'd mean users were going to have an increase in activity. However, for me that's not the case.

I'm actually going to be having a (possibly significant) decrease in activity.

Why? Well I have quite a few reasons. If you'd like to see them, look below.

#1- I'm going to be quite busy over the summer. It's the same thing as last year almost. I have camp, some trips, and just stuff that'll make it almost impossible to get on computer. If I ever do get on, it'll most likely be at night. Of course I'll be more active on the weekends, and I'll still have Steam and Tumblr and stuff while I'm there.

#2- I haven't been feeling the best about Wikia lately. This kind of factors in on why I'm posting this anno…

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Parapraxis Parapraxis 19 May 2016

The Parapraxis of Code - Code and Design Help

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PigZapper PigZapper 7 May 2016



First of all...



Anyway, just comment a question and I'll answer it.

I don't have any rules, but if for some reason I can't answer a question I'll let you know. If you're asking me about someone else's personal stuff, I'll ask them permission before answering. Otherwise, it's probably just because I'm uncomfortable. If it's something I'm willing to share, just not so publically, I will answer it in a PM with you.

Anyway, I'll knock some questions out of the way.

"What is your sex/gender?"

I am of male sex and gender, although my belief is that gender is the only one that matters. :)

"In that case, pronouns?"

Obviously he/they, although I would prefer he.



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*CypherNova* *CypherNova* 23 April 2016

Something Important

Heya, we all know who this is. So, I have a pretty big announcement, and it took me awhile to figure out where I was going to post it. Y'know, without being bashed in the comments or something. Anyway, I wanted to tell you something big, and that thing is...

I'm going to be off of most of Wikia for a bit.

Yes, and there obvious reasons yet not obvious reasons. I've been getting really stressed out due to Wikia drama and it's been interfering with school and my other friends offline. My parents have been trying to find ways to get me off the computer so much, so I figured if I am off for a bit they'll leave me alone. And some other stuff I do not wish to talk about.

Of course, I will be in chat occasionally. And not just this chat, chats that …

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Kaine Flow Kaine Flow 7 April 2016

Speed Fucker

I'm headed for the pussy 

It's on my mind 

And nothin' really matters

I've got to be on time 

Look in the view asscheek

Is he hot on my ass

Is he getting nearer

I feel some heat is on my back

(Speed fucker) 

Speedin' on the bed-day

Gotta get a lead way

(Speed fucker)

Doin' it on the bed's spray

Gotta have it my way

(Speed fucker)

Mind is like a compass

I'm stoppin' at nothin

'  (Speed fucker)

He say, "pull over boy and get your dickin' right" 

And nothin' gonna stop me

Ain't no stop and go

I'm speedin' on the bed-spray 

I gotta really burn this display

(Speed fucker)

Speedin' on the bed-day  

Gotta get a lead way

(Speed fucker)

Doin' it on the bed's spray

Gotta have it my way 

(Speed fucker)

Mind is like a compass 

I'm stoppin' at nothin'

(Speed fucker)

He say, "pull over…

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Kaine Flow Kaine Flow 7 April 2016

Don't Beat it

[1st Verse]

They told him don't you ever come around here

Don't wanna see your dick, it better disappear

The fire's in their ass and their words are really clear

So don't beat it, just don't beat it

[2nd Verse]

Don't want to argue, I don't wanna debate

Don't want to hear about what kinds of hoes you hate

You won't get no lube 'till you put on your protection

So just don't beat it


Just don't beat it, beat it, don't beat it, beat it

No one wants to see you beat it

Don't show 'em, how funky strong is your dick

It doesn't matter, if long or short

Just don't beat it, beat it Just beat it, beat it

Just don't beat it, beat it

Just beat it, beat it

[3rd Verse]

They're out to get it, better fuck while you can

Don't wanna be a boy, you wanna be a man You wanna…

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IlluminatiGamer91 IlluminatiGamer91 31 March 2016


i meme

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DroidUnit774 DroidUnit774 29 March 2016

If I leave Wikia

If I suddenly leave and never come back (I hope I won't because my parents would kill if they found out I use wikia) , I'm going to leave an alternate means of communication if you wish to contact me. (If I do leave, it's not because I want to hurt anyone, which I don't) Anyway, my alternates are:

DarthVulture21 (Provided you have Xbox live)

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HetaliaFan356 HetaliaFan356 27 March 2016


Im new here :3

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SketchNebula SketchNebula 20 March 2016

Thank you.

You know how moody and easily depressed and angered I was?

How it's almost the end of my birthday and lots of things happened?


I'm almost to the final step of overcoming my depression and anger.

Starting from this morning, I was extremely depressed. Like, I wanted to curl in a ball and lay under the blankets all day, not even caring that it was my birthday. I just couldn't stop thinking about how my life is not going to be anything good after I'm sent off to the "real world". It's been like that in my head a lot for the past month, I just never really talked to anyone about it because I was scared I'd worry/stress people and be seen as only "attention-seeking," since, knowing me, I would have almost said it in main because I just don't…

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DB511611 DB511611 15 March 2016

Coming out

I sexually identify as a Pokémon.

Ever since I was a boy, I've dreamed of traveling the Pokémon world and battling other Pokémon.

People say to me that being a Pokémon is impossible and that I'm fucking retarded, But I don't care,

I'm beautiful.

I'm having a plastic surgeon turn my skin yellow, give me ears, a tail, and electric powers.

From now on I want you guys to call me "Pikachu" and respect my right to roam tall grass.

If you can't accept me, you're a Poképhobe and need to check your Pokémon privilege

Thank you for understanding.

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Zynical Zynical 15 March 2016


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PigZapper PigZapper 10 March 2016

Sketch's Challenge - PigZapper's Submission

1. I try my best at everything.

2. I care very deeply for my friends.

3. I like giving hugs. :D

4. I am very creative.

5. I like to draw (my drawing is crap compared to stuff I've seen on here but it's at least recognizable).

6. I support the LGBT community.

7. I'm intellectual. (my ADD gets in the way often, but information is in there somewhere, and I'm good with things I actually like such as vidya games and such)

8. I'm bi-curious. (for those who don't know, it means I'm mainly heterosexual, but if I really relate to a male and have some physical attraction to them, I can be their partner)

9. I'm an amateur at piano.

10. I accept all (unless you're bigoted or a bad example of a good community/culture, such as how terrorist groups can cause raci…

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DB511611 DB511611 1 March 2016


Hi, DB here

I've decided to leave this wiki

I saw a dead racoon on the road today and it really traumatized me

I think I'm going to need to leave this wiki for the entirety of March or longer

Sorry guys...... ;(

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Nanospooks Nanospooks 3 January 2016

Hi friends!

I'm new to wiki and I want to say hello to my new friends and family~

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Zynical Zynical 1 January 2016

Tiny Break

I'm semi-lazy to I'm copying/ pasting this from my FNaFRP blog.

Hey guys, I am taking a short break from alot of wikis. The only place you will currently be able to find me is here. It's nothing about wikia or anything about it, it's a personal problem, but Glitch Matrix will be the only place to find me

Apologies about this happening suddenly,

Zynical (talk)

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DB511611 DB511611 28 December 2015

Ayy lmao

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Arca Asami Arca Asami 21 December 2015

Cat & Dog Positivity Post


As both a dog and a cat lover I think I say say that dogs and cats are two of the cutest and most common pets that human have. But there's always that one thing we adore about these animals, whether it be how loving they are, how loyal they are, or how happy they are when you play with them. So here are some of the features I find cutest in cats and dogs.

  • Their lil toes
  • Their cute lil wet noses
  • Their floofly lil tails
  • How loving they are
  • Their loyalty
  • Their cute lil faces
  • How playful they are
  • Their cute lil purrs/meows/barks
  • Love headbutts
  • How they tuck their faces under their paws when embarrassed
  • How alert they are
  • Their cute lil paws
  • Their cute lil eyes
  • Their v cute whi…

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MikeSulpher MikeSulpher 17 December 2015

Do you loik


weennniis-...god dammit Snow

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Arca Asami Arca Asami 17 December 2015

So I got a visitor today.

So I was awoken to the sweet sound of a large dog barking, and of course I thought it was the neighbor's dog. But after a whille it seemed to get louder, and lo and behold there's a pit bull trapped in my backyard. Hell if I know how he got in there seeing as all gates and doors were closed, but he didn't mean any harm. He was just scared because he didn't know how to get out. I would've helped him, but because of past experiences with loose dogs, they got mad at me and told me no. The saddest thing was, when his owner arrived, he looked like the happiest thing in the world, and man I was so happy for him. The poor pit bull was whimpering as he sat in the rain, it was so sad. :c Thankfully, he's safe at home now, and I may have snapped a p…

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Arca Asami Arca Asami 16 December 2015

RIP my desktop computer

Yo, yo, so my computer is absolutely dead. The computer tower's hard drive was completely wiped (but apparently the memory still works?). Anyhow, why am I telling you this? I'm telling you all this because, all my art and games were on that computer and now it won't boot up. I also had a few other personal things on there, but because my desktop died, I may not be able to get on chat for a bit. My mom is lending me her tablet but I'm not sure how often I'll be able to get on Chat so ye. The desktop can't detect the SATA 0, and SATA 5 components, and the SATA 2 and SATA 3 components blew out and don't work anymore. My mom is going to try and recover it, but it's like a 2005 computer tower so I'd bet on it not being able to get recovered. My…

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Rainbowsmash34 Alt Rainbowsmash34 Alt 13 December 2015

The Misadventures of Rainbow's recordings

Warning: Lung collapsing may occur.








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Viktor the Puppet Viktor the Puppet 9 December 2015


Me and Sky are not in a relationship. That is a lie they have told themself to make them feel better, sorry to say it Sky but if you keep up this lie I'm going to have to end our friendship. It isn't right, you know I have a girlfriend. You know it was just an RP.


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AyanoTheYandere AyanoTheYandere 22 November 2015


i wont be able to get on,my laptop refuses to turn on,so yeah :/ ill cya later.

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Rainbowsmash34 Alt Rainbowsmash34 Alt 16 November 2015

Updates so far

So it seemed like as soon as I changed my profile, a couple people asked me what it means. Well. I'll just sum it up and say that I feel used. No, this is not targeting one person in general, it's multiple people that take part in my life on a daily basis. As for the "Are you leaving?" question. No, I'm not. I'm simply taking a tiny break. I'm currently too shaken and angry to try and enter chat. No, it's not about the demotion before anyone wants to jump to that. The demotion hardly bugs me, but it did add weight to everything. It made me hit my snapping point. So at the current moment, it would be best to just leave me alone, I've reached the point of not caring about anyone or anything. Maybe it will go away, but like I said, this is jus…

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BenTheYandere BenTheYandere 29 October 2015

Reasons Why I haven't Been active latley.

Hey. So i'd like to discuss why i haven't been able to come/haven't been on latley.

Trigger warning,do not read any further if you are easily triggered.

My depression is grabbing a hold of me,and it's been getting worse. I haven't been getting any sleep,I don't have internet at home,I don't have internet at school,or a way to talk to my S/O. So i've been using the neighbor's internet latley,but that's not the point. My anixety has been coming over me in panic attacks,and they've been getting worse. Like i'm too the point of laughing and crying. Also..I've been self harming myself,But i stopped like...a few weeks ago? So if you been wanting to know why i haven't been active,this is why.


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HyperSnowpoxia HyperSnowpoxia 23 October 2015

Thank you!

I would like to thank Sketch for helping with my page. The coding, the telling me about random shit. She also coded my wiki too. So, I wanted to say thank you! 

Now, because it I is 1:30 im going to bed.

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Underfell2Sans Underfell2Sans 22 October 2015


Well from the fnaf rp wiki ready to have a great time here if you have any questions about me just ask

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General Phychodash General Phychodash 20 October 2015

So stuff happened

Come closer...


Keep going......

I now have a semi-SO (significant other)!

I know what you're thinking, what the hell is a "semi-SO"? Basically for us, it means that we both love each other, but in all honest are just giving each other the love we both need. We've both been a bit stressed and decided to be there for each other in a more special way. So, we dare "dating", but if we feel we are ready to live for ourselves (or even find someone else, idk) then we will call it quits. So it's not really a relationship, but it also is.

And who is this with, you ask. Well, I will admit, you had to have saw this coming, and I love this guy to bits.

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SketchNebula SketchNebula 9 October 2015

Question and Answers Time

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SketchNebula SketchNebula 4 October 2015

Let's talk about this for once.

Before you continue, I want to warn that there might be some triggering subjects and offensive words in this.

So let's talk about depression and suicide for once. I was inspired to do this by seeing a few of these already made and some people on the chat feeling all down and crappy about themselves; I want to put my input of this.

I'm going to tell everyone a story about someone I knew near and dear to my heart:

There was a young person who was just like any other human being. They had talents, they had flaws. They had intelligence, they had terrible subjects. They had good moments, they had bad times. However, they didn't see any of the good in them. They only saw what was bad. They thought that they were hideous, a horrible artist, awful at si…

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SketchNebula SketchNebula 25 August 2015

Coding Help!

I have seen a few others do this on wikis, so I figure this should have one too! Especially since we have a few admins here who don't know how to code still.

To make your name look colourful on the WIKI, you can insert this snippet is into your site's . (Don't forget to change the names and colours!)

Don't forget to change the URL names to what you want.

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SketchKats24 SketchKats24 2 August 2015


Yep. You got it. School is on it's way.

Well, my city (not sure if state-wide), unlike the schools in other states, decided to make all the kids come back on the FOURTH of AUGUST. It is normal around here to come back in August, but not the very first fucking week. Not to mention, all of my favourite teachers from last year, who were SUPPOSE to teach me this year too, are either gone or not teaching to my next grade anymore. And don't even ge-

I should stop before I scream in caps.

Anyway, moving onto what this is about.

Like I said, school is on it's way. I may or may not be able to get on this wiki and the FNAF-RP wiki as much as I used to in the morning. However, I might get on during a few periods in school depending on if I can finish my wor…

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