Basic InformationEdit

Name: Cassie/Casper
(Main) Nickname: Cas
Age: Thirteen
Gender: Genderfluid
Birth Date: October 21st
Sexuality: Graysexual/Gray-A
Height: 5"6 (?)
Weight: Around 120


Cas is a huge nerd over anything they find interesting, as well as a comedian and can try to make a joke about anything. They love every single on of their friends and would defend and protect all of them even if it was a scenario where they'd risk their own life. They also really love tuxes, like, alot. And hair dye, one day they want to dye their hair with galaxy colors.


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Often calling him "Moijasdkasd" due to a mess up with their keyboard, Cas considers Mike as their twin brother. They think this because of how much the two of them seem alike, and sometimes they wonder if they really are twins separated at birth or something.


Sketch has been their friend for what they consider a long time. They are pretty much the very reason why Cas joined Sketch Universe and why they are still here today. They feel they can trust Sketch with anything and hope they feel the same.


  • The nickname "Cas", was originally spelled "Cass".
    • It was changed to only have one "s" after Cas found out their third grade teacher spelled it that way.
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