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Basic Information[]

Full Name: Cher Jade Matthews

Age: 15

Gender: Demigirl

Date of Birth: March 16

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual/romantic

Style: Dark

Height: 5"3

Weight: 127

Eye colour: Crystal blue

Hair colour: Midnight black


Cher Matthews is a simple demigirl (AFAB) that basically goes with the flow. They're quiet (more of an introvert) and are pretty sneaky. They are clingy due to loss of many people in their past, including their parents.


They come from a long history of moving around from orphanage to orphanage since they were six—when they're parents were murdered. They have very little memory of their young adult parents other than their mother was really nice and sweet and their father was a goofball. They had no siblings by blood but they had one they saw as one named Zachary, but they were forced to move to a different state from him.


Cher didn't have many friends until they befriended Goldie at the age of ten, before engaging into a relationship with him when they're fourteen. They ended up living with Jeremy and him from how they ran away from the orphanage because the caretaker was planning on sending them off again because "no one wanted them".


  • Cher's parents were murdered by a vandal who intruded their family's house to steal all their personal belongings and valuables, wanting to leaving everyone in the household dead. The guy went through with his plan, but he was aiming more to kill Cher instead of the parents first. Which, he almost killed them last, but the police came already before he could make his move.