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Basic InformationEdit

Name: Drake Cyrant

Age: 12yrs

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: November 21st

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual? Maybe Bisexual? He’s not sure yet.

Style: Commonly wears a black t-shirt with a grey skull imprinted on it, covered by a short sleeve, light blue jacket thing. He also wears dark blue jeans.

Height: 5’4

Weight: 103lbs

Eye Color: Crimson Red

Hair color: White with ends dyed yellow


Drake is an albino but, the disorder only affected his hair and eyes, his skin pigment is normal. In an attempt to hide his physical disorder, his mom allowed him to get the ends of his hair dyed yellow. Drake is rather rude and mean to most people he meets, causing him to not...have many friends. Although, he’ll knock someone out in a heartbeat if they mess with his little brother, Tony. He commonly will wear an eyepatch over his right eye to cover up his sealed eyelid that he was born with.


Drake was actually an accident, he wasn't meant to be born, but his parents don’t regret it, even if Drake is a troubled child. After Tony was born, Drake grew jealous because his parents would focus all their time on Tony, so Drake started being mean to the baby, doing little things like taking his bottle or his pacifier, every now and then taking one of Tony's toys. After Tony got to be about three, their parents took them to Freddy Fazbear's one day so they could interact with other kids. Tony got too close to the stage, Drake noticed this, but didn't try to stop his younger brother. Tony had climbed onto the stage, but before one of the security guards could grab Tony, the Golden Freddy animatronic had bitten straight through the front of the child’s skull. Drake still didn't feel bad about it, not even after they said Tony could possibly die. However, luckily, Tony woke up after about a year and Drake was furious. After the two had grown up some more, Drake started shoving Tony around, or ripping the bandage off of Tony’s head. Once he turned eleven, he found acts of being harsh to his younger brother to be boring, so he began to pick on his brother less and less, until he just stopped all together. From the time he stopped at 12 years old, he started defending his brother from others. Eventually, Tony started liking his older brother.


Drake is friends with a boy his age named Tyler, but after Tyler disappeared one day, Drake stayed lonely.


  • Drake, as stated before, suffers from multiple personality disorder (MPD), making it difficult to tell what his next mood will be.
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