Droid himself is a former soldier of the CIS army. He is often seen hunting and may or may not be a hired assassin as well.


Droid is a standard B1 battle droid model. He has an angular face, which makes it look like he's perpetually frowning. He also has photoreceptors as eyes, which enables him to see better than most organics. The durasteel armor plating he wears is a dull tan color and he never ever is seen without his blaster.


In 22 BBY, Droid was manufactured at the foundries of Geonosis, a foundry world in the Outer Rim. After the devastating battle of Geonosis, brought on by clones of the galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter, Jango Fett, he and his brothers managed to escape on a droid control ship. The droids later rendezvoused with the CIS cruiser "Nebula" and later were ambushed by Star Destroyers. The ship was literally torn apart by the laser fire, and droid managed to escape in an escape pod. Unfortunately, the Nebula accidentally jumped into hyperspace, flinging Droid to the Milky Way galaxy and crash landing on earth. His current status is unknown to only a few people. He currently has a girlfriend, the only organic he loves, named Moni. Once emerged from the wreckage of the ship, he found (*insert OC here because I have no idea what OC's people want having some kind of contact of Droid*) and he was reluctant to make contact with an unknown being. However, this being turned out to be Darth Vulture, a powerful and ancient Sith lord.

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