Frequently Asked Questions

This is the official FAQ for the Sketch Universe Wiki!

Don't be afraid to contact one of the administrators if you don't see your question here!

User Rights / Possessions

Can I be a moderator?

  • Asking will lower your chances of becoming one.

Can I please be a moderator?

  • Begging lowers the chances more.

Can I have coloured text?

  • Unfortunately, we had to remove the coloured text for non-staff members because it was lagging the chat. However, you can ask an administrator to give you a code to put in your personal CSS for them. No one else will seem them but only you.

Can I have a custom tag?

  • Any user may have a custom user tag, so long as you are well trusted.

Can I have a custom emote?

Resolving Issues / Harassment

Someone edited my page without permission!

  • Let an administrator know and let them handle the rest.

There is a user vandalizing pages!

  • Report it to an administrator on their wall.

There is a user harassing another through a page!

  • Report it to an administrator on their wall.

A user didn't add a trigger warning in their article!

  • Report it to an administrator on their wall.

There is a troll in the chat!

  • Simply ignore them or, if serious, ping a moderator.
  • If they do not respond, then wait until they become active.
  • If no staff member is present at all, take screenshots and leave a message on one of their walls.

There is a flamed argument in the chat!

  • Alright, use the !mods ping and let them handle it. If there is no moderator present, take screenshots and be sure to send them to an administrator on. Either leave them on their wall or during a PM when they come in the next time. No matter what, do not get involved. Typically, anyone involved in an argument will face the exact same consequences.

Someone used an offensive slur!

  • Whether it be on the chat or on an article, be sure to tell an administrator as soon as you can.
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