You get up and scurry over to the table in the den, reading the note that was stapled onto the cover of the book.

"Dear Crys,

Your father and I have decided to form a book to remind you of your childhood memories. Please take care of this, it is of great value to all of us.


Mom and Dad."

You open the book to the first page, finding a picture of you as a baby. You looked pretty bald because of how light blonde your hair was back then, and it was clear your mother dressed you in a ruffled pink dress for something of a special occassion. You couldn't help but softly smile to this, it brought back memories of the good ol' days.

It was about time when you flipped through all these preschool pictures until you found a picture specifically of a little boy. His brunette hair was all messy and he had bright green eyes, almost like they could glow in the dark. He had a pencil in his hand and was at a desk, with a paper on it in front of him. You couldn't make out the details to what he was doing with the paper, but you did know that it was a drawing of some sort. You knew this kid. No... you know this kid.

His name was Hunter Lee and was your best friend until he suddenly died in a car accident along with his father.

You start to feel yourself get teary-eyed.

What should you do?

Close the book.

> Continue to look through the book.

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