Your name is Hunter Lee and today, February 2nd, you turn seventeen but no one is here to celebrate. You are now seventeen, old enough to drive, but no one is here to give you a liscense. You are very talkative person, even prideful, but no one is here to hear you. You are alone and no one is here to save you from your loneliness.

You are in a basement of someone's home. You have no idea how you wound up here, but they are clearly out on vacation so why not just use their house as shelter for a while, huh? I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if you just broke a few things and trashed the place up... wouldn't it? You smirk, the thought of vandalizing someone's house was excellent although, sadly, you didn't have the power to do so anymore. You did once upon a time but has lost it due to "power abusing".

Power abusing? More like using it to do badass stuff, let me tell you.

You shoved people into walls, clawed people, nearly stabbed them, etc...

It was really a fun time for you.


That was until you realized you did wrong and now you live in an eternal world full of regret.

You sigh, crawling up the stairs and looking out the window. You ponder if you should try to go out and check on your family again, but would they even want you? With your sister being a medium, do you really want her to see you like this? The blood red, no-pupil eyes, the messy gray hair, the bleached-looking skin, the bloodstained and ripped jacket—doesn't seem like she'd be too happy to see you.

Although, it does seem like she's been quite lonely without you these days. After all, with both of your parents being dead and living out on the countryside, I can see where you're coming at with her loneliness. Maybe... it wouldn't hurt to try...

Go check on your family.

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