You wake up in a room, with the room of the color is white, there's a door which is made out of metal, you walk over to the door to soon realize, you're in a Mental Asylum. You try to break down the door, but fail... you then see a monster tackle one of the employees and rip them into pieces, devouring them. The monster looks at you and bangs on the door, screeching. You take a few steps back, breathing heavily, you then just sit down and curl in a ball.

After a few moments, a figure opens the door and then disappears. You walk out of the room and look around to see, blood and organs spattered everywhere. You hear someone screaming, then gagging... probably another man dead.

You then see a security guard and run over to him, however when he sees you, he runs off screaming.

"H-holy shit! R-Run! Before one of them gets through the door!"

The security guard runs in and slams the door shut.

You sigh and then see a room.

Hide inside the room?

Try to find some food.

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