...So, <insert name here>, tell me... what are you doing here? Let me take a guess, either you were bored or you just randomly found this. Okay, okay... I'll stop asking questions.

You decide to get out of hiding and head to the Main Office to get the key, in order to get out of here. You DON'T have Schizophrenia and/or Mental Illness.... right? You don't belong here, you're a normal person without any problems.

You head to the Main Office and see the key on the desk, you pick it up in excitement. You then hear,

'....Hello? ... Hi! My name is Him, I am your friend!'

You turn around and see Him, looking at you. He seems to be wearing a long sleeved jacket, with some black jeans. His

"I am help you!"

Suddenly a knife appears in your hand, then Him backs away,

"W-woah, l-let's clam down h-"

You dig the knife in his chest and repeatedly stab him in the chest, blood gushing out of his wound, then he coughs out blood, and he collapsed on the ground and you drop the knife and grab the key.

You look at the door, before walking over there BUT you get punched in the head, by one of the employees and collapse on the ground, knocked out cold.

A few Minutes later?

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