You wake up, seeing a phone on top of your small drawer you have. In curiosity, you pick up the phone and it seems to have a voicemail someone left you. You decide to listen to the voicemail, because...well you wanted to.
"U-uh hello? Okay, what the hell man, where have you been for the last couple of days? When are you going to show up? What is the big deal and when are you going to promote us, heh...I've gotten sick and tired of lying to people. So get your ass here, okay? YOU are the boss of this place, so where the fuck are you...I-I know you have mental illness or...Schizophrenia or whatever the hell it's called, but when are you going to come....anyways, that's enough. Call back when you hear this message....if you're even going to answer."

You get up from bed and walk up to your door with your flashlight, which seems to be working now. You open the door, before walking can't even tell if this is reality. You just want it to be all just want to get out of this hellhole. Or finish this story...after all you are <insert name here> , you probably came here to read this story? Eh, I don't know. Whoops....back to the story now. Don't wanna...keep 'ya waiting. You then stop and look at the kitchen and then the exit, which way do you want to go?

Go in the kitchen for some water.

Just get out of here

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