You walk to the exit door, getting inside your car. You begin driving, after a while you get lost, before you see an unknown figure get in the way. You seem to be driving in a bridge, not even thinking why it was there, you tried to stop but failed. You ran over the unknown figure, you look back seeing if it's okay, before crashing into the side and landing into the water. You open the door and begin to swim all the way up, you got up and floated breathing for air. You then begin to swim, until you got to the land and walked inside a forest. You had no idea, where were you but got out of the forest and just continued to walk. You suddenly get ran over by a car, heh...kinda funny right? You're still alive, but your leg is broken, you begin to limp in the middle of the road breathing heavily. "Is this really it?" You ask yourself, "Am I going to just..die here?". You crawl to the side of the road and just lay then begin to drift off into sleep. You then wake up, in your house...your leg isn't broken anymore and you got up. It's 5AM, wow....time really goes fast! Or the writer of this interactive story was just lazy, amirite? Anyways, what are you going to do?


Give Up.

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