Idea goes to King.

Table is stolen from Jaz. What else is a girlfriend for?

The only way to greet Jaz after she's been gone for a while.
Tyler pls.A term used to greet Tyler, which is not to be used, or else he will post a picture of Jillips' greatest enemy, Jill Phillips.
A nickname for Rainbow.
SeraWhat pretty much everyone calls Sarah.
Si tahMy personal name for Sera, 'cause she's like a sister.
SnarfWhat is said before Yeet in the primary greeting between Jillips and Sera.
YeetWhat is said after Snarf in the primary greeting between Jillips and Sera.
NotA misspelling for "Now".
WompA random word. Is followed by "Ass" from Sera.
AssNo definition needed.
Followed by "TITpaste" from me.
TITpasteOnly the finest of cleaning products from Colgate. It can be used to clean any place, but it was made in mind for the chest area.
Followed by "Yeetpaste" from Sera.
YeetpasteA cleaning product similar to TITpaste, but it gives people visions of Yeet, as it was developed by Sera.
The final part of the secondary greeting between Jillips and Sera.
SawA misspelling for "Say".
AHHHHHHWhen I make a bunch of mistakes trying to greentext a mistake.
HAWhat is said when I beat someone to saying something, which happens all the time. 'Cause I'm Jillips. I always win.
See you next millennium.How I usually say bye to someone.
Can you not?No seriously. Don't.
ZagWhat you do after you zig.
ZigWhat you do before you zag.
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