lo behold this is the closest thing you motherfuckers can get to a face reveal

Basic Attributes
Nicknames hmm...I don't even know
Gender Male
Gender Pronoun He/Him
Species Human
Location Chicago
Occupation Professional Pimp and memer

Basic InformationEdit

Full Name: Kaine Hetherynton

Age: 15, maybe 14. He's definitely 15, scratch that.

Gender: Male

Birthday: March 29th, otherwise known as Sexday.

Sexuality: A sex-addicted Pansexual

Status: Single, though he has a hopeless, and i mean very hopeless on a Salami.

Background: Irish, African-American, Northumbrian

Height: heh, maybe somewhere around 5'7 or 6'0 idk lol

Weight: 140 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown.

Hair Color: Black.

Fears: Athazagoraphobia.

Abilities: He's faster then a speeding dildo, more powerful then a pair of BDSM cuffs, and able to leap tall asses with a single leap!


Kaine is quite literally the definition of 'dirty-minded' and 'sex-addicted'. Though, he can be serious at times, he's mostly a silly jokester or a dark-yet-hot sex-maniac. He loves being around others, and seems to really care for other people, and hates being alone. Even if he's only with one person, he's comfortable. Unless it's the person he has a crush on, however.


- Kaine's favorite games are Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, and every Saints Row Game. He also enjoys PC games like TF2.

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