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The content here contains a few sentences resolving in depressing/triggering subjects such as self harm, murder, and abuse. I suggest that you do not read if you are easily triggered by those subjects. When continuing, do keep in mind that I am not responsible for any possible thoughts afterwards for I have warned every viewer of this page in this very box and border. Thank you for reading this notice.



Sexuality: Bisexual

Family: Kunuko Zunaki (brother)

Age: 23

Relationship: None at the moment.


Komanaki's normal personality is a murderer, that cares about few people in his lives. He's rude, and isn't hesitant when it comes to killing people when they get in his way, however.... it depends on who the person is.


Komonaki's eyes are blue, he has black hair, wears a blue hoodie, black jeans, and carries around his phone.



Redoing this.


Favorite Color: Blue, gold, and lime

Really Loves: Sandwiches, and pizza. (He loves them....very much like... A LOT)

Enjoys: Reading books, and playing Adventure Games.

Likes: Reading Books, playing Video Games, watching Youtubers, and murdering people.

Note: Backstory may be WIP.


  • Komanaki got lost in the woods, when trying to hide someone's corpse that he had killed. After trying to go back to his house, he got lost and found someone named Cypher. At first he thought it was another person to kill, so the first thing he did was try to be all friendly, but then realized he was like him, kind of.