Mangled isn't certain whether or not people truly understand half the things she says, and has finally decided to make a dictionary for herself.

This totally isn't a copied idea off of literally everyone else here, and King totally didn't think of it first, I swear... Okay it totally is, but who even cares? Please don't sue me.

Typing styles
Style Meaning
Regular.Everything is fine and normal and dandy. This means nothing, really.
rEVERSE CAPS.I'm yelling. Probably from shock, or anger.
s p a c e d o u tI am shocked and/or turned on by that statement.
un p re d i c t ab le s pa c i ngI am REALLY shocked and/or turned on by that statement.
nospacingnocaps.I'm talking really quietly and really quickly. Probably because I'm saying something I shouldn't be. (It's probably perverted)
Or If it's [name]pls I'm asking them to stop.
NOSPACINGALLCAPS.I'm trying to cover up something I just said. Probably because I said something I shouldn't have. (It's probably perverted)
rANdoM cApS (A Nd POS SiBly SPACi N g)I have no idea what's going on somebody help me please.
no caps no punctiationThis either means I'm joking around, or I'm depressed.
Word Meaning
eMOTEI meant to do the [[]] trick to cancel an emote, but forgot.
sKEE / sKYSky has joined the chat. I am greeting him.
jILLIPSJillips has joined the chat. I am greeting him.
NohSame as 'no', but in a joking way. I'm playing around.
dedI'm laughing too hard to say or do anything right now. Please stand by.

Or I'm announcing that chat has died.

*ping*I was pinged by one of my many pings that nobody ever actually calls me, but I still have as a ping for whatever reason. No. I will not remove the ping.
HhhThis is a sigh. The more h's, the longer and more exasperated it is.
Shhh / SjjjHush! Just go with it! I know I'm wrong but you don't have to point that out!
Phrase Meaning
/me diesThis is awkward. I'm gonna stop now.
*retreats to PMs* / *hides in PM*This has escalated. I'm just going talk to the person/people here I have a PM open with.
*goes back to PM* / *drags [name] into PM*I'm bored with main. FRIEND TALK TO ME.
wow r00dI'm calling somebody rude, but I really don't mean it.
Thing Meaning
...I'm either distrustful of what was just said, offended, gearing up to say something, or depressed.
.I have read and understand what you have just said, and wish you to know this. I do not however, want to dignify you with a proper response.
:/"But whatever." or "But I dunno."
:."But I probably shouldn't be saying this."
:|What the hell just happened? What's going on?
More will be added later when I'm not lazy.
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