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"...If it comes back to you, it was meant to be yours."

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Nightmare is a real yet made up character and also acts as Sunset's alter ego. He can only physically appear in Sunset's dreams though he can be heard in their mind aswell.

His physical appearance never changes. He has blond hair, and one of his eyes are blue. However, the other eye (his left eye) appears to be black with a red pupil, aswell as black coloring coming out of that eye. He seems to have a black shadow, but almost glow around his body. And he always wears a reddish-orange suit. Though, the suit style is subject to change. He wears black tap shoes and brown pants.

Whenever he is in Sunset's mind, he usually tells them to kill someone and even gives a gory description of how-so. And if Sunset doesn't do it, which is all the time, he later appears in their dreams, giving them nightmares.

If Nightmare can do anything else is unknown, despite the fact that he does occasionally say he can kill Sunset in their dreams if we must, despite that never or not even being able to happen.

  • Nightmare got his name from giving Sunset nightmares when they sleep.
  • Despite Sunset being agender, Nightmare's gender is actually male.
  • Nightmare is occasionally stopped by Faith whenever he tries to haunt Sunset's dreams or thoughts, but the chances of her stopping him have become more and more slim.
  • Sunset has said Nightmare's voice sounds a little like Bill Cipher's from Gravity Falls.
    • She also says Faith's voice sounds like Princess Luna from MLP.
  • Nightmare's only other appearance was a shadowy form, and this had happened during a hallucination Sunset had.
    • He also had two other forms that were very temporal, those being one like the Phantom form in FNaF, the other being a form as if he's made up of stardust.

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