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Basic Information Edit

Full Name: Orthadox Tan Jameson

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: December 10

Species: Half-angel

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual/romantic

Style: Gothic

Height: 5"4

Weight: 110 lbs.

Eye colour: Icy/Crystal blue

Hair colour: White

Description Edit

Orthadox was supposedly supposed to be a female when he came out of his mother. His mother died of leukemia, and his father would become heavily drunk and casually drink from night to day. He would starve himself to where he couldn't get up at most times and felt weak. (The rest, I would prefer you ask me about it. I don't feel well to speak about him in the description.)

Origins/Backstory Edit

Orthadox would be abused and forced to have sexual intercourse with his father against his will. He has been abused ever since he was five. His family was orginated from France, and they lived there for about 14 years until they had to move. His parents had always wanted a girl, but instead he was born a boy. Orthadox would be forced to wear dresses, and wigs. With his father being rich and all he would refuse to call Orthadox by his name, and call him Jasmine instead. Orthadox has always hated the name his father gave him and decided when he grew up he would leave home. When he got to high school, he left and lived with a couple of his friend's parents who accepted him. 

After a while, Orthadox was thrown into the streets because his so-called "friend's" parents couldn't deal with him, and child support. Having more than five kids was enough to handle, and Orthadox just added more. Orthadox realized he could be easily triggered by things such as small objects moving (Paranoia). He would always think he wasn't wanted by many until founded by Jasper (character owned by Jony) who accepted him for who he was, and what not.  

Snow is Orthadox's father. (Not this Snow, I mean my oc.)

Mur will be added latur. 

Relationships Edit

Orthadox is currently in a relationship with Jasper (character owned by Jony)

Trivia Edit

  • [ He's clingy when around Jasper and tends to act crazy or hysterical around females.]
  • [ His behaviour depends on who speaks to him and who grabs his attention, he tends to ignore others.]
[ More will be added when thought of. ] Edit
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