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trigger warning

The content here contains a few sentences resolving in depressing/triggering subjects such as family death/separation and abandonment. I suggest that you do not read if you are easily triggered by those subjects. When continuing, do keep in mind that I am not responsible for any possible thoughts afterwards for I have warned every viewer of this page in this very box and border.
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Pierre La' Frane  Edit

Age: 17

Sexuality: Straight 

Job: Surgeon 


Race: French/African  ((OwO))

Height: 6'4


He has a Greenish-Violet eye color and he has silky brown hair. His mother left him with his father who was extremely ill, She left for a more attracive male with a bunch of money. After three years his father died and he was left alone in a abandoned house, He had to steal to stay alive.

Currently the dark haired French is trying his best to find a soul mate but he's a bit on the clumsy side, He's been on two dates and he failed both. After that he just bumps into females and asks them on dates hoping they'd say yes. BUT. No. 

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