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Name: Aka Tsuya. (Meaning: Red glow).

Gender: Female.

Age: Fifteen.

Sexuality: Straight.

Hair Color: Maroon.

Eye Color: Brown (left eye), red (right eye).

Details: Scar under her right cheek, hair covers most of her right eye, all clothes are blue or black (or both), smokes, head is half shaved, carries a knife everywhere.

Occupation: Undisclosed (possibly an apprentice to Akuma Hayakawa).

Status: Alive.

Friends/ Allies: Akuma, (to be added to).


Name: Primdescence "Prim" Katsu. (Meaning: Unknown, except her firstname is a play on of Iridescense).

Gender: Female.

Age: Sixteen.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Brown.

Details: Wears nothing but grey and red, rather chill about everything, looks bored all the time.

Occupation: None. (formerly a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza with Mike.)

Status: Alive.

Friends/ Allies: Avon, Lucifer. (to be added to)

Name: Bill (last name undisclosed)

Gender: Male.

Age: Eighteen.

Hair Color: Red (as in, red red.)

Sexuality: Straight.

Eye Color: Blue.

Details: Doesn't go anywhere without scissors, very quiet.

Occupation: Works with his dad as a butcher.

Status: (barely) alive.

Friends/ Allies: None.

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