Full name: Lexi Oliver (Prefers to be called Sky)
Age: Fifteen
Sex: Gender fluid, assigned female at birth.
Date of Birth: Feb. 18th 2000
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Taken
Style: Varies by mood.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 129lbs
Eye color: Greenish blue
Hair color: Light brown, mixed with blonde. Has a slight touch of amber in the sun.
Fears: Bugs, abandonment, the darkness, being used.

Sky normally is a bright a cheery person, but can be very quickly angered. He is patronized by his mother, so it tends to damper his mood, but he puts on a fake smile around his friends so they don't worry about him. It's true that he tends to show out a bit at times, but mostly when he's really excited.

People on this list are people that Sky talks to on a daily basis.

Mike: Is their boyfriend.

Mangled: Is his best friend.

Arca: Is a close friend of his.

Jillips: Is an ex-boyfriend, but is a good friend to this day.

Sketch: Is also one of his ex's, but is a good friend.

This is a WIP.

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