Trigger Warning!

This page contains explicit gore topics and brutality, also some abuse. While most of this stuff is redacted because Rebun went here, it would be recommended for you not to read the page if you're sensitive to that kind of topics. Thanks for understanding.

Rebun? Who's that? Why does he try to delete everything about him?Edit

Rebun, born December 24 of ████, in an unkown location, started having a normal life as a kid.

At the age of 8 he was anti-social, had problems making friends, so he literally made one, a colored mask, and decided to call it Allan.

He kept talking to him so much that he even had the impression Allan was actually ███████████, like a ██████ █████ was inside.

Rebun kept going and from time to time, started losing patience and patience, not being able to resist a long conversation or even a short speech. He constantly tried to overcome the Three Dimensional plane, it was boring for him to have his limitations, and constantly studied Quantum Physics, miserably failing, but keeping some knowledge.

In another experiment he attemped to ████████ and ████████ with the Energy of ██████ █████ to achieve the reaching to a fourth Dimension, ending in ███████ 15 of them by accident, but also resulting in him gaining strange █████████, yet unknown to him.

He felt so guilty that he decided to stop trying.

Hated for his reputation, he decided to escape his house, and left the town with nothing at the age of 17.

Running into every place he could, he started stealing stuff to survive, and tried to remain undercover.

But just as he was leaving, a group of people cornered him and started attacking him and laughing at him. At that point, Rebun lost patient, and then he ███████ one person, the other's ████ got ████████, and for an apparent reason the other was found █████████.

Officer: So you're telling me that's what happened?

Rebun: Yes

Officer: Well, even if that's true, it doesn't justify those ███████ and ██████ on the street.

Rebun: I understand, the problem is, i can't go to jail.

Officer: Oh, really? And how do you plan t-

Officer: Wait, what are you doing? You can't do that! That is im████████ ██ ████!

[At that point, the suspect ██████ and █████ the officer from what is seen in the rest of the ███████]

[Suspect nowhere to be found, he has been reported as dangerous and armed]


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