Full Name: Not revealed, he is only known as Rebun, and has been seen trying to delete every information that could contain it. Age: Unknown, suspected 18/21 Gender: Male Born on: December 24 (Or so he claims) Height: 6'4" Weight: 163 lb Blood Type: A+ Species: Human

Rebun gets easily Angry when losing his patience. He avoids contact with other people, and prefers to talk to himself (See Allan's Tabber for more info). He draws simple sketches when he's bored, most of them depicting macabre or dark situations. He sees pain as something interesting, and has managed to not express pain, even though he feels it.

Allan, or Mind, as Rebun switches names between conversation and conversation, is Rebun's inner voice, talking to him, mostly driving him insane, or angry. When refered to as Allan, Rebun talks about it as a mask he made. When refered to as Mind, Rebun talks about it as an inner voice, noting that the voice is really annoying. It also should be noted that only Rebun can hear the voice, leading into the belief that he's insane.

  • He apparently deletes or destroys every physical or digital piece of information about him (Or attemps to) claiming that it's for "Everyone's Good"
  • Ironically enough, he tries to learn more about everyone's backstory.
  • While he is rarely serious, being like that allows him to perform tasks that couldn't be done by a person, even if it's with a lot of effort and difficulty.
  • He is technically an average hacker, and can hold Cyberghosts for a bit ("They piss me off, thinking they can go wherever they want while i'm stuck in this Three-Dimensional Plane")

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