Ruby is a character from Steven Universe, she is one of the Crystal Gems, and is currently unfused, in her normal state.


Since she killed Sapphire, Ruby is insane, and likes to be alone. Almost none of the gems talk to her now, and just leave her alone. Even if she's apart of the Crystal Gems, she swears that one day she'll kill one of her teammates.

Ruby hates Pearl, has a friendly interest in Amethyst, and dislikes Steven. As you know by now, sometimes she comes out and hangs with Amethyst. The two only do fun and silly stuff together. Whenever the Crystal Gems have to battle an enemy, they rely on Ruby the most since she's rough in battle, and her gauntlet is very strong.

Age is unknown, though somewhere in the thousands.

Genderless, uses female pronouns.

Short, but a few inches taller than Steven.

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