The following rules apply to all users (especially admins).


1.) If you want to copy some code from any of the MediaWiki pages, notify an admin (including Sketch, who is the main coder of this entire wiki) first to get their permission.

2.) If you see a broken code and is unable to edit it, then let an administrator know.

3.) Do not edit the Wikia.css without the founder's/wiki coder's permission unless you are;

  • Customizing username gradients.
  • Customizing chat message texts.
  • Customizing CUSTOM tags (not any official ones—i.e. honoured or sysop)
  • Fixing a broken code (if you know what you are doing)

4.) DO NOT change the base colours of usernames. I, SketchNebula, can do that myself.

5.) If you want to add a key frame or font, then let the other admins know beforehand.

6.) Do not edit the Common.js without the founder's/wiki coder's permission unless you are;

  • Editing a CUSTOM tag that you want new/different; so long as you do not have more than three custom tags, excluding official tags.

7.) Do not edit the Chat.css without the founder's/wiki coder's permission unless you are;

  • Changing your chat star (remember to keep it 16x16).

8.) DO NOT tamper with the CHAT.JS, WIKIA.JS, or COMMON.CSS at all for there is no reason to. If I, SketchNebula, find a code that belongs in either three of these, I can do it myself.

9.) If you would like to do something majour to the MediaWiki pages, then you MUST talk with all current/active staff members (especially the founder; if they are not there then you will have to wait for a final answer) and you might want to set up a poll too.

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