She snapped. She finally snapped. The world's gone to hell, and death is all around me. No one knows how it happened, or why either. We do know is that she's out to get us. Everyone. Everything. It all started on one fateful day...

Ayano. That was her name, I think. I didn't know her very well. She would always follow people around, rarely talking, just staring. It was more than obvious she was head over heels for Taro, she'd always stalk him... She'd always have dangerous items that shouldn't be at the school like knives, and even a katana. One morning she stabbed someone in front of all of us, and all hell broke loose. She chased us around, and eventually Budo got her pinned. But then something really strange happened. Everyone, a good distance away, watched as Ayano suddenly flung Budo off, and mercilessly stabbed him several times in the chest. Students were running all over the place, and when we looked for teachers, they were all dead, nurse included. Someone tried to call the police, but the signal was bad. So eventually I ended up in the drama room hiding with two others. I didn't know if I was going to survive, so I wrote a journal on my phone in case i was murdered like the others.


She was pinned. Pinned down by the remaining martial arts students. Someone tried to call the police again, but after a few hours of waiting we found them dead at the entrance of the school. She must have killed them. I fear I might be next.


She asked me to follow her,and I accepted. We went all the way to the storage room.Then I felt a stab with her syringe stab in my neck,and everything went to black.She’s got me.I’m done for. This is the end.

12:30Am,April 5th.

I woke up. I was tied down. Tied down to what seems to be a chair. Then I see her. Her. Ayano. Heading towards me. These might be my last moments.

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