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Basic Information[]

Full Name: Scarlet Fireheart

Age: 12

Gender: Gender-fluid/Demigirl (They/them, she/her, ey/em)

Date of Birth: March 19

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Lithosexual/Demiromantic

Style: Rockstar-like

Height: 5"0

Weight: 103 lbs

Eye colour: Crimson Red

Hair colour: Scarlet Red


They are also a persona/alter-ego of Sketch. They are more like a "part" of their soul (like Skat and Violet). They have long scarlet red hair that they keep in twintails/pigtails with crimson red eyes that look almost nonhuman. They also like to carry around a dagger in case someone were to try and attack them—they are easily paranoid and anxious.


Scarlet originated from a family of seven (mother, father, them, twin brothers, sister). They were the youngest out of their siblings and they all treated them like they didn't want their "precious darling daughter" in the first place. Eventually, they woke up to no one in the house and a note on the door saying, "So long, monster." This depressed them for about two and a half years because they didn't have anywhere to go. They were mostly known as "the runaway" and if anybody saw them they'd turn them into the police for things they didn't even do.


They aren't really wanting a relationship; but they are good friends with a few people. Some of these including Skat and Violet.


  • Scarlet is also known as 'Crimson' for they used to hide their identity by that name.
  • They have Severe Panic Disorder and Borderline Schizophrenia; which is why they are easily panicked or paranoid.