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The content here contains a few sentences resolving in depressing/triggering subjects such as abuse, divorce, mental illness, self-harm, and damage done by fire.. I suggest that you do not read if you are easily triggered by those subjects. When continuing, do keep in mind that I am not responsible for any possible thoughts afterwards for I have warned every viewer of this page in this very box and border.
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What is Simon’s backstory? And why is he so scared of fire?

Simon Kohler lived in a happy household with a mother and a father that seemed like they cared about each other-that is until after his brother was born when he was 4 that he saw them fighting. Simon tried to break them up but his father threw him to the wall. Right after that, his mother announced divorce. So after the divorce, the judge didn’t believe his mom when she told him the father slammed Simon against the wall, so he allowed Simon and his brother to go to his house every weekend. Every weekend his father would pick them up and would drop him off at his house, then left to go get drunk with his friends. That’s technically how Simon taught himself how to cook for him and his brother.
Moving onto when he was 11 and started middle school. He was walking home from school in September when he came across a gang. The gang had a lighter and were threatening to burn him until he was completely nothing but ashes unless he gave them all of his belongings. Simon refused to give him anything of his and one of the members came behind him and held him down as one of the other gang members poured gasoline on his arm. He squirmed and tried to get away but it was too late. The guy pulled the lighter to it and his arm was on fire. Luckily a police officer spot them and took them out, helping Simon as well. This is why he has a scar on his arm and is terrified of fire.
But that wasn’t the end of the fire incidents that Simon had to put up with; one day ( the same week when Daniel confessed his platonic feelings to him ) when he was 17 and with his dad and his brother, his father was going to light a cigarette but was really, really drunk. So instead of the cigarette, he swayed the lighter with the flame out at Simon, right near the arm with his scar. It caused a few issues because Simon has a reflex to slap whoever is trying to touch his scar or if they’re even near it. He slapped his father’s arm and his father shoved him back. Aaaaand yeah…
You might have already guessed by now that he has schizophrenia but what you haven’t known about him is that he have had slight hallucinations and delusions since he was 14.

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