Hey! Alex here. Everyone has problems, right? You have problems, I have problems, our friends have problems, our families have problems, animals have problems, plants have problems… Recently, I've been brainstorming some ideas to try and help others see the good in themselves. I've tried telling people how amazing they are, but it never seemed to stick. With all the effort I've put into thinking, I've finally thought of something. Perhaps, it shouldn't be someone telling someone else that they're great, it should be themselves!

This being said, the instructions and rules are simple to this small challenge.


Take a few minutes to type a list of fifteen positive things about yourself.

After making the list, write a positive message to yourself. End it by finishing this sentence:

"I'm <insert name here> and ____!"

I want users ( only if you want to make your response public ) to comment their contribution to this down in the comment section. To keep this page to a small amount and not exploding of gigantic masses of comments, you should probably put your list in an expand/collapse code or do it on a subpage of your profile. A sample of the expand/collpase code would be:

<div class="mw-customtoggle-minor" style="width:100%; text-align:left; color:red;">Text to click on for it to show.</div>
<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" id="mw-customcollapsible-minor">Your list here.</div>

Don't forget to add a signature. :D


  • You are not allowed to put any negative/unsure connotations in your list.
Examples of these are the phrases: “I guess,” “I suppose,” “But whatever,” “Although it won't last.”
  • Only put in the things that you, yourself, have a liking about you.
What I mean: Don't say something just because you want to get the list over with and go back to hating yourself. This is a list for you to use and look at whenever you start to self-loathe/feel like nothing will ever get better.

Without further ado, get to making your list! I'm sure it can help somehow. :)

Here is my own piece of contribution.
  1. My laugh is so childish, but it's contagious.
  2. My smile is always so bright and full of life, which is also contagious.
  3. I can draw pretty well for my age.
  4. I can't dance in rhythm, but I can sing beautifully. :D
  5. I'm an extreme altruist; I help out anyone when I can!
  6. My eyes are a beautiful mix of green, blue, yellow, and grey.
  7. I dream a lot which gives me a great imagination.
  8. I'm an accepting person, nothing could make me judge someone by their appearance or first impression.
  9. I'm a fast-learner when it comes to coding and science.
  10. Though I might struggle with some subjects, I'm still highly intelligent.
  11. I don't ever learn my lesson with duct-tape but it makes everyone laugh when they watch me try to get myself out.
  12. I can play the piano pretty nicely.
  13. I'm pale as fuck which could lead people to believe I'm a vampire. >:3
  14. I'm extremely protective of my friends and family, almost as if I'm guard dog.
  15. I've been through a lot, but I'm still here, alive and well. That's what has made me the strong person I am now.

~ Dear Future Self, always remember what I'm writing tonight. The sun will come out of the clouds eventually, I promise. You are not alone. You are an amazing, kind human being, no matter what others will tell you in controversy. Thank you for changing people's lives for the better, showing them what true friendship is, even if it's not everyone on the planet. The smallest change could cause another to become happy across the entire world.


I'm SketchNebula and I'm fine!

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