There are currently 6 staff members on this wiki.

Please don't feel left out if you're not part of the staff; you can always become one as long as you are trusted and have obeyed all of the rules and guidelines of the wiki. Trust us, you'll get there!


Bureaucrats alone can't do much, however are the highest possible user group given by any other user on a wiki. They must be given the user group of admin if they wish to have any power over the chat/forums, etc.

AvatarUsernameRankDate of Entitlement
150SketchNebula FounderAugust 13, 2015


Administrators can ban users in chat, block users on the wiki, remove threads, change others' user groups, and so on. They are the 2nd highest user group given by another user on a wiki.

AvatarUsernameRankDate of Entitlement
150TheAquuaHybrid AdministratorNovember 15, 2015 (Prev. 28/7/15)
150Foxdini AdministratorMarch 19, 2016
150PierrotEclipse AdministratorMay 13, 2016


Moderators have the ability to close/remove threads and replies on a wiki.

AvatarUsernameRankDate of Entitlement
150TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade ModeratorJune 11, 2016

Content Moderators

Content moderators can do almost everything an admin can, except blocking and banning. They can edit sysop-protected pages, protect pages themselves, delete and move files and pages, and have the option to rollback.

The Sketch Universe Wikia has content moderators, but with other user groups as well.

Chat Moderators

Chat moderators can kick and ban users on a wiki's chat. They cannot do any other functions on the main wiki.

The Sketch Universe Wikia has chat moderators, but with other user groups as well.


Rollbacks have the ability to undo edits quicker than normal users in the advanced wiki activity, history, or diff.

AvatarUsernameRankDate of Entitlement
150DroidUnit774 RollbackSeptember 7, 2015

Honoured Users

Honoured Users are users who have done many things dedicated to the wiki and are trusted by all staff. (Don't worry if you're not one, you can still be a great user!)

150AyanoTheYandere Honoured UserFormer Moderator
150HugeClockTowerFan Honoured UserWell Trusted
150Rebun123 Honoured UserFormer Administrator
150The Haze3456 Honoured UserFormer Administrator
150CypherStarnova Honoured UserFormer Administrator


Bots are users coded to do specific things, such as logging chat.

We are not accepting any more bots!

AvatarUsernameRankUnder Management with
150Sketchbot Chat BotSketchNebula
150Rebot123 Chat BotRebun123
150Renbot Chat BotSketchNebula

Alternate Accounts

This is a list of alternate accounts that moderators switch to periodically.

AvatarUsernameRankAlternate of
150Sk8rKat42 BureaucratSketchNebula
150Xirious AdministratorTheAquuaHybrid
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