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"...If it comes back to you, it was meant to be yours."

I see you've found your way to the Sunset (or Billy) page, but please don't edit without Psychodash's permission. Thank you <3.

Disclaimer: Though my persona is based on me, it also has distinct traits. One freaking comment saying "that can't happen!" and I will loose my crap, thank you.

Also, this is a WIP.

~This page is now irrelevant, please see this page for the updated version.~

Name(s): Sunset, Pixel

Age: Thirteen (really twelve, but they like to think otherwise)

(Born) Sex: Female

Gender: Agender (he, she, or they)

Species: Human (also a Shapeshifter)

Height: 5"5

Sexuality: Bisexual/Straight With An Exception/Demi-Gray

Weight: 126 lbs

Date of Birth: October 21st

Cassie, but also known as Sunset or Pixel, is a shapeshifter that actually loves to work with computers. Their most common forms are mainly human, but they also like to transform into a wolf, owl, or a dragon.

Along with being a shapeshifter and loving to work with computers, they are also the unlucky one commonly visited by Nightmare. However, they also also (but now very rarely) visited by Faith.

They also do have a bit of a temper, and being possessed by Nightmare doesn't help. So if you piss them off, you're asking for a death wish.

Cassie has had alot of previous relationships, alot they still feel bad about and are a bit "haunted" by it in a way.

However, they are currently in a relationship with Ayano, they hope to continue the relationship and love Ayano to bits.

  • If you have read Nightmare's page, you know he does haunt Cassie alot.
  • They are also known for a strange condition, they cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination/dreams and they often have hallucinations.