kinf gets all the credit

  • 9kpapa0 — noun. GwkjTuv.png
  • (bonir – noun. A failed attempt at the (bonnie) emote.
  • ass — noun. What we all live for.
  • broble — noun. The book that you consult if you don't know if eating grilled mormons is okay.
  • dird — noun. Dirt + Bird.
  • j — interjection. yes hello I am here
  • knannky logn — noun. Lanky Kong.
  • mobible — noun. A blessed mobile device.
  • murder clit — noun. The Murder Cliff, but misspelled.
  • Rudy — noun. The crustiest hoe.
  • satab — verb. (satabs, satabbing, satabbed) The act of thrusting a sharp object at someone to inflict pain. See Stabbing.
  • woo-hole — noun. That one orifice in your face. See Mouth.
  • yeet — noun. Yeet is yeet in itself. There is no definition for yeet.
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