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Basic Information Edit

Full Name: Tony Cyrant

Age: 8yrs

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: October 31st

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Too young to know right now.

Style: Black t-shirt with two white stripes, and dark blue jean shorts, sometimes dark blue jeans.

Height: 4’1

Weight: 91lbs

Eye colour: Left eye is dark purple, right eye is light purple

Hair colour: Light chestnut


Tony Cyrant is a bitten child from Freddy Fazbear’s. But not of ‘87. He was bitten in ‘81 when he was three, getting too close to one of the animatronics. He was in the hospital for a year afterward, in a coma, he survived the bite, waking up on his 5th birthday. The skin on his forehead never properly healed, so he still has to wear a bandage wrapped around his forehead, the top of his head remaining exposed.


Tony was lucky. He grew up in a happy home with a married mother and father, and an older brother. But Tony wasn’t always happy. His older brother, Drake Cyrant, suffers from multiple personality disorder, so he is randomly mean to Tony, even going to the extent to not stop the three year old from getting on stage at Freddy’s and being bitten. After the bite, Tony tends to hallucinate, seeing nightmarish animatronics lunging at him of just simply standing around. Tony will commonly break down into a horrible screaming and crying fit upon seeing one of these hallucinations, these fits can last anywhere from 30 seconds, or an hour. Tony also has a hard time understanding certain things, his memory will fail from time to time, so his grades in school where never the best. He got switched from public school and was homeschooled once he reached 2nd grade. He’s still homeschooled to this day.


Tony is currently too young to fully understand love, but he is close friends with Faith (char owned by Sketch) and adores her, but not a love level. (yet)

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