(Sketch) Maybe I shouldn't be nosy with Zapper's stuff...

(Sketch calls out to PigZapper once more, and he suddenly appears behind her.)

(PigZapper) Sketch! Heya, you made it.

PigZapper) Oh, so, I found something, kind of amazing.

(PigZapper picks up his backpack.)

(Sketch) Wha?

(PigZapper) Not gonna tell you. You have to see it for yourself. C'mon, it's this way.

(PigZapper begins walking to the thing he found that was "kind of amazing", while Sketch follows him.)

(PigZapper) Alright, it's right around here, gonna blow your mind.

(PigZapper shows Sketch a shooting range he found, as well as a rifle with real ammunition.)

(PigZapper) Dah, dah, dah, daaaaah! Pretty cool right?

(Sketch) Yeah......

(PigZapper) Look at these beauties.

(sketch) "Beauties" is not the word that comes to mind. Why is this even here?

(PigZapper) What do you mean?

(Sketch) What the hell is a shooting range doing in the woods?

(PigZapper picks up the rifle)

(PigZapper) Uhh, bro, let's not question things and just use this bad boy.

(Sketch) Mhh, alright, okay.

(PigZapper) Wanna try?

(Sketch) Nah, you go.

(PigZapper) Alright, here goes.

(Zapper shoots four objects, directly hitting all of hitting them.)

(Sketch) Wow, nice shootin' Zeps.

(Chris responds by performing a short, lil silly dance.)

(PigZapper) I'll beat you in a 1v1 mate, let's go. (Zapper said, joking)

(Sketch chuckles)

(Sketch) I'm gonna go ahead and guess it was a wild case of beginner's luck.

(Sketch)  I don't think so.

(PigZapper shoots one of the objects, another direct hit!)

(Sketch) Anybody and their brother can shoot a bottle that big, that close, bro.

(A squirrel wanders to the ground that has a few acorns on it.)

(Shoot the squirrel or the bag?)



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