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∠( ͡·<͜ ͝· 」∠)_

k other than smeg doe
i am aquack, lord of ass almighty, and i have stationed myself on this wiki
hobbies include: browsing dank memes, afking most of the day



i am aquack, nonbinary pokenerd and furry extraordinaire

i do afk most of the day, and i often have PLRN-BT on to log chat. when i dont have it on its likely because im getting ready to leave or because i forgot to log it on

i tend to jokingly shit on myself and other people that i know i can call close friends because of my dangerously low self-esteem :,)

i also have a tendency to regret every word i say thats serious in the slightest and do my best to not get salty. out of all these flavours, i chose to be salty, yes i know

i occasionally make shitart, a lot of which is on my tumblr (which i also use mostly for dank memes, dont expect serious posts)

and thats basically all fam

go now