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Whizzy, aka "Cotton Candy".
Basic Attributes
Nicknames Whiz, Wiz(zy).
Gender Agender.
Gender Pronoun They/Them.
Species Human.
Location New York.
Occupation Student (see personality for details.)

Basic InformationEdit

Full Name: Whizzy.
Age: Thirteen (often says older.)
Born Sex: Male.
Gender: Agender.
Gender Pronoun(s): They/Them.
Birth: [REDACTED].
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Relationship: None (isn't ready for one anyway.)
Background: British.
Height: 5"4
Weight: 123 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue.
Hair Color: Light Blue.
Symptoms: None, except Gender Dyphoria, but it's minor.
Fears: Having to be serious, Bugs, Friendiaphobia, Monophobia.
Abilities: Making people laugh and cheer up.
Allergies: Bees.


Whizzy is one of Vanillion's alter-egos. They're the side of Vanillion that is rather chill, and of course responsible for taking almost everything sexually.

They do care about Vanillion though, aswell as all the other egos, which are Raven, Spiderwick, and Goldie. However, Whizzy tries hard to be the main ego rather than the others, since Whizzy is pretty self centered and thinks they have a better impact that the others.


  • Usually, Whizzy and Raven are both trying to help Vanillion with how to feel. This caused Vanillion to nickname this "Razzy Time" whenever they knew they were both there.
    • Spiderwick also tries to "help" Vanillion aswell.
  • Whizzy isn't supposed to be short for "wizard", their name actually came from an incident with whipped cream.
  • The roleplay account made for Whizzy can be found here.
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