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The content here contains a few sentences resolving in depressing/triggering subjects such as domestic abuse, family death, and personal attacks. I suggest that you do not read if you are easily triggered by those subjects. When continuing, do keep in mind that I am not responsible for any possible thoughts afterwards for I have warned every viewer of this page in this very box and border.
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Wyatt/Aria Casperly
Wyatt Casper.png
Wyatt Casperly as of today.
Basic Attributes
Nicknames Wyatt, Ari, Aria.
Gender (Pre)Transgender.
Gender Pronoun He/Him.
Species Human.
Location Alaska (formerly Pennsylvania.)
Occupation Astrophysicist.

Basic Information[]

Wyatt Casperly, formerly Aria Casperly, is a nineteen year old (pre)transgender female-to-male sent to Alaska for his study on astronomy. He enjoys doing this for a living, as he'd often sit at night and do nothing but watch the stars since he was six years old.


Despite growing up to be respectable, he never had a good home life. His mother constantly left the house as soon as she knew his father was drunk. Which left Wyatt and his sister, Lara, to be the only victims. One day, without knowing, Wyatt's father had gotten worse than before with his drinking, which ended in accidentally killing Lara.

After Wyatt reported the incident to his mother, she agreed it was time to leave his dad on his own. So without warning or anything, Wyatt and his mother left.

Wyatt's mother eventually feel to depression from the experience, but Wyatt just wanted to forget. So in turn, since he was called "Aria" and was female at the time, he changed his gender and name, all to forget.


Wyatt is a bit anti-social, and can bring himself to panic or anxiety attacks if he has to interact with a large crowd. However, if he is with someone one-on-one, he is more comfortable and can be alot more relaxed. He feels better with people like him, like other pretransgendered people or people who suffered domestic abuse.


  • His last name, "Casperly", is actually a username Zynical used to use for a little.
  • Two of Wyatt's teeth take the appearance of fangs.