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Basic Information Edit

Full Name: Xalero Nebulae (Skat)

Age: 13

Gender: Demiboy

Date of Birth: March 19

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Demi-Gray/Gray-A

Style: Alternative (Can vary over his mood)

Height: 5"5

Weight: 97 lbs

Eye colour: Greenish

Hair colour: Golden Brown (With tinted purple and blue)

Description Edit

Xalero Nebulae, also known as Skat, is an alter-ego of the persona of Kats. He is more of a galaxified version of Kats themself, and is more of a "part" of their own soul.

Origins/Backstory Edit

Xalero came from an orphanage he stayed at since three, after an incident with his parents who had ended up being reported dead with no trace behind. He was never wanted by other adults, so he stayed there before running away at the age of 11. He stayed out in an alley and moved around a lot, with his animal friends, Gunther and Terence.

Relationships Edit

He's in no romantic relationship and will stay like that unless he were to find one with a strong emotional bond connected between the two, which would take quite some time. With friendships, it's too many to keep track. If you were to ask for his closest friends, they would be Gunther, Rie, Jaspre, Veron, Casper, Scarlet and Violet. He is a more global persona, which is why he's able to make friends that aren't in the same place as he is.

Trivia Edit

  • Xalero's name is actually pronounced Zail-aer-ro or Zail if you want to use his short name.
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